Services and activity

Feel a relaxing rest at Tropical Casa Laguna with our extra services and entertainment

Additional Services for you

A wide range of services and an excellent service are provided in Tropical Casa Laguna condo complex. We have a policy that vacation must be not only comfortable, but also diverse. We provide our clients with the ability to plan and arrange your vacation so that it was convenient and comfortable. Of course, any rest is new impressions and positive emotions.

We want your stay at the resort Cabarete, on the one hand provide you the level of service to which you are accustomed, and the rest, which you already loved.
On the other hand, we want to bring in newness: new experiences, friends, new Hobbies.

Beauty and Health *soon

Our clients often want to get away from the rest not only pleasant, but also improve your health, look younger, refreshed and toned.

Keep fit, nice look and relax body and soul will help a range of services provided in the gym and spa treatments.
At the end of 2017, a new gymnasium and Spa salon are scheduled to be launched.


Bars and restaurants *soon

Coming to relax our customers can enjoy gourmet kitchen, combining tradition, modernity and local color. The bars represent unusual and traditional beverages for any taste. Food and drink are one of the most memorable aspects of rest. Speaking of service in restaurants and bars Cabarete, you can describe it in a number of adjectives: delicious, useful, beautiful, comfortable, exotic, available, timely, is, enchanting.

At the moment we are expanding the services provided in this area. Starting in October 2017, the Pool bar Bar near to the pool is running.


Activity and Adventure

What a vacation without new impressions. Resorts in Cabarete are known for extreme sports and the opportunity to diversify your leisure.

Fishing, horseback riding, relaxing on the soft sand for lovers of of calm and relaxed recreation. For those who love cognitive attractions and excursions, seek to learn more about the place of travel, we offer to visit a variety of excursions in Cabarete.